VSR-based Airsoft replica of the WW2 British service rifle.


Pictured is the pre-production version, the rifles made in the first batch will be iron sighted only and without the cheek riser. 


A replacement for the SMLE had been in the works since before WWI, but the need for large quantities of known guns for that war, followed by postwar lack of enthusiasm and money for re-armament meant that it wasn't until the mid 1930s that a suitable replacement was found. Once again war interrupted its introduction, but by the end of WWII this was the dominant British Service rifle. 

These come TDC modified out of the box.


Please note these are made to order. When you place your order, VA will contact you and arrange to add you to the build group for the batch of rifles your rifle belongs to. From there you will get updates on the build progress as it occurs.

Enfield No.4 MkI