A replica of the British 2" light mortar used from WWII into the 1980s.


This is available in two models to be representative of the early and late patterns. There were a multitude of variations but these cover the major ones:


The Early Pattern has a substantial baseplate and elevation locking mechanism.


The Late Pattern is a light version with a small baseplate.


Both take the same shells, the style of which are influenced by the original mortar rounds. Into these you may fit either a MOSCART or a TAG launcher, the latter being perfect for use with this replica. They come with two shells as standard, but you may add extras.



Sales within the UK are subject to the VCRA, please include details of your defence in the order comments.


For sales outside the UK please include details required for customs where applicable. If items bounce at customs at the receiving end you will have to pay for re-sending. Please get in touch in advance of placing your order so I can check postage costs.

SMBL 2" Mortar (early pattern)