Building custom airsoft gear is great fun, a bolt-action rifle based on a VSR is perhaps the best way to start out learning the skills required.


With making a wooden stock, there is a strong likelihood that a perfect fit in the magazine well one day will jam the magazine in place on another as the wood swells and shrinks.


This magazine well is designed to take the guesswork out of fitting a magazine. It mounts directly to the VSR to ensure a good fit and reliable feeding. It comes with a selection of templates and a fitting guide to help you get a close fit.


This is provided with the discrete magazine catch, but also with an optional thumb catch that protrudes for slightly faster use for those running their rifle at CQB fps.



If you are making a classic rifle such as an SMLE, Enfield No.4 or No.5, K98 (all types), Vz.24, G98 or similar please do get in touch as I may have other suitable parts for you.

VSR Magazine well for custom builds