Replacement shells for the airsoft Wingun and Well Webley models and Dan Wesson compatible revolvers.

An inexpensive alternative to the brass shells, these are sold:

-Drilled for airsoft, a UK airsoft site-legal single shot shell

-Drilled for practical pistol, high FPS for accurate and hard hitting target engagement 

-Shot shells for multiple BBs, act like shotgun shells when fired. Perfect for CQB in particular.

Unfinished shells will have to be cleaned up and drilled by the buyer (a file and drill are all that is needed).

Price is for 12 shells.

*Please note these may have small air bubbles in them, this does not affect strength or use.

Maintenance notes:
-Add a little silicone lubricant inside each shell every few shots
-Over time (especially with the shot shells) it may be worth heating the tips and squeezing them in slightly to ensure they hold BBs snugly

Webley and Dan Wesson Revolver shells