On all guns and products, ‘hard’ components; shells, woodwork, welds etc… have a two year warranty on all workmanship. This does not include battle damage or wear through use, including paintwork damage.

Electronic components have manufacturer’s warranty where applicable. If used parts have been used in a project then there is no warranty on these.

Any repairs required whether in warranty or not are done at Dom’s discretion.



On custom builds

There can be no refunds on custom builds. Defects will be repaired as warranty allows. If you change your mind on a build a partial refund may be made at management’s discretion if another sponsor for a project can be found.

On ready-designed kits

These kits are still made to order, however a partial refund may be available at management’s discretion.

Bounced deliveries

In the situation where a parcel is not delivered for any reason other than an error by Vintage Airsoft, the buyer is liable. If an item is returned to sender for any reason then it shall be saved for up to a month, if no contact is made in that time it may be re-added to inventory.

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